2015 Ford Mustang-themed pinball machine combines two of America’s classic passions

Stern Pinball Company has released a commemorative game to celebrate two classic American loves: The Ford Mustang and the pinball machine.

The newly released pinball machine – called the Mustang Pro – celebrates fifty years of America’s pony car. It also allows players to immerse themselves in the rich history of the Mustang, highlighting muscle car heartthrobs from the timeless GTs to the delightfully powerful Boss editions, as well as the new 2015 Mustang.

While I’ve never been a huge pinball junkie, pinball is something that is enjoyed by almost every American, like apple pie or football. It’s just in our blood.

So what’s so special about this pinball machine other than some Mustang stickers? The commemorative Mustang game allows for a multitude of different game scenarios from drifting, police pursuits, rallies and drag races as well as a gear shift multiball mode. The machine also allows for four different tunes to play while enjoying the game as well as voice-overs by Tanner Foust.

It seems with the anniversaries of classic American pony cars, Americans everywhere are looking to bring back the past but put a modern spin on old favorites. And why shouldn’t they? Everyone knows after a long day of work and a long commute home in your classic American car, there is nothing better than unwinding with some good old-fashioned arcade games, certainly to be enjoyed with a glass bottle Coca-Cola.