NanoFlowcell’s salt-powered QUANT F is the most advanced hybrid you’ve never heard of

A start-up company called nanoFlowcell has announced that it will introduce a technologically-advanced hybrid sedan christened QUANT F at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

As its name implies, the QUANT F is an evolution of the QUANT E-sportslimousine that was unveiled at last year’s edition of the Geneva show. The two are virtually identical save for minor bits and pieces like a two-stage rear spoiler that creates additional downforce and patented QUANTeYES headlights that use back-lit crystals to illuminate the road ahead. The E’s exceptionally wide gullwing doors have been carried over to the F.

Bigger updates are found under the QUANT F’s curvaceous bodywork. Power for the 206-inch long sedan comes from a futuristic hybrid drivetrain that uses two types of ionic fluids – one with a positive charge, one with a negative charge – to generate electricity. The drivetrain is capable of briefly generating a peak output of 1,090 horsepower, and it can power the QUANT F using electricity alone for over 500 miles. The company points out that ionic fluid is essentially salt in a liquid state and that it is neither toxic nor flammable.

The sedan’s four wheels are powered by individual motors but the front axle can be disengaged when it is not needed. Performance figures are being kept under wraps for the time being.

The QUANT F is billed as a close-to-production concept that could see the light that awaits at the end of a production line in the coming years. The body was designed to be fully compliant with European and North American norms but nanoFlowcell explains that it still needs to make minor modifications to the cockpit before it can start building the car. Notably, the concept is not fitted with airbags.

A timeframe for when to expect the nanoFlowcell QUANT F was not given.

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