Will the new 2015 Mustang debut as a high-tech muscle car showpiece?

new 2015 mustang could be most high tech car in segment mustang32970
Is this the face of the 2015 Ford Mustang? Speculation is running wild about not only what it will look like but what kind of tech will be inside.

If talk from a supposed inside source is correct, the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang could be one of the most technologically advanced sports cars in its segment when it debuts next year.

In fact, the source’s comments coupled with other news about the car over recent months suggest that the next-gen Ford pony car could be one of the most high-tech cars on the market when it launches – outside of the fact that the line-up won’t feature a hybrid or EV model that we know of.

In addition to confirming speculations that the new Mustang looks a lot like some of the renderings that have been circulating reminiscent of the Ford Evos Concept (like it or not), the unnamed member of Ford’s development team reportedly told Torque News the 2015 model will feature a number of high-tech features, according to a published report.

The insider, who said he’s seen the car, apparently didn’t provide the news source with any specifics about what type of technology the new Mustang will feature, but if recent news of some of the carmaker’s other technology developments are any indication of what to expect, it could be ground-breaking on a number of fronts.

2015-Ford-Mustang-GT-Steer-Interior-Wallpaper-5-1024x666The car will almost certainly be equipped with a more advanced MyFord Touch infotainment system with additional features to satisfy enthusiasts such as the ability to share performance stats on a number of different social networking platforms.

Previous reports also indicate that the car’s powertrain, which will include a 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder as one of the engine options, will feature a number of advanced technology components – although that comes as little surprise, considering that Ford has won the International Engine of the Year award two years in a row.

There’s been speculation that the 2015 Mustang could even feature 10-speed automatic transmission in the future.  It’s also expected that the new model will have independent rear suspension, which should enhance the car’s performance capabilities substantially. Additional features like a configurable LCD gauge cluster, which been appearing in more cars lately, could be an option.

However, it’s the inside source’s comments coupled with some other recent news coming out of Ford, that should excite tech fans even more.

Take for example some of the technology features on the S-Max Concept, unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, which features Intelligent Projection System with Pre-Collision Assist that identifies pedestrians and automatically applies the brakes if a collision is imminent.

Ford S-Max65032

The concept vehicle, aimed at the European market, is also equipped with a dual-view display that allows the driver to receive important data while from the same center console screen while the front passenger can enjoy a movie and a variation of Wi-Fi networking.

Other technologies featured in the S-Max concept include car to car communications capabilities and “wellness” features connected to Ford’s Sync communications system, which can monitor heart rate and glucose levels, according to an official Ford press release. Given the power of past Mustangs, a heart rate monitor might not be a bad idea.

The S-Max, which Ford has said features technologies that could make their way into future U.S. models, also is equipped with an enhanced version of Ford’s self-parking system that can control the throttle, steering, brakes, and gear changes for fore-aft parallel-parking. Purists may balk, but it could be a godsend for a car with limited rear vision.

ford-camera-1020_large_verge_medium_landscapeIn addition, Ford could integrate or build on some elements of its new surveillance technology  police cars that uses existing Ford driver-assist technologies including a backup camera, cross-traffic alert and reverse park assist that aims to protect officers from potential assailants. The same technology in a Mustang would of course be tailored to driver safety.

Of course, whether or not the 2015 Mustang will actually be equipped with these features is purely speculative at this point. Purists might grumble at more computerization in what they think should remain a more simple driver’s car, but considering how much is riding on the new Mustang, I can’t imagine Ford not integrating some of these new technology features into the new model – especially with talk of wanting the new Mustang to have more global appeal.

We just hope we’re able to turn either all or most of them off as well so we can focus on the driving experience as well.