2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed still fastest Bentley ever, but now faster than before

Bentley is the king of today’s super luxury market, and the folks over in Crewe have rolled up their sleeves and cranked out yet another fastest-ever production Bentley.

The aptly named 2014 Continental GT Speed screeches through the British countryside with 626 horsepower and 605 pound-feet of torque. This mighty power allows the trusty W12 twin-turbo 6.0-liter engine to rocket the GT Speed to 206 mph in coupe form and 203 mph if you prefer to go topless convertible. Whichever you choose, I would make sure to bring some goggles for the ride.

In order to tame this wild machine, Bentley has stiffened up the chassis and lowered the suspension. Bentley has also added a dark tint to the wheels, headlights, and taillights and painted the brake calipers red to add important style points to your deathly quick-wheeled landship.

As though Bentley couldn’t offer more color options for both the interior and exterior, the good ol’ chaps have managed to squeeze some more options from the crayon box for the new model year with a special candy red offered exclusively for the GT Speed.

The 2014 GT Speed interior features a unique color option, with contrasting-color doors, rear panels, fascia wings, inner console and gear lever. Contrast stitching is also an offered for the diamond-pattern seats and doors, and chrome speed-badges are an option if you need some bling for your butt.

Bentley has stepped up its game for the 2014 GT Speed. Other luxury sports car brands should either run for cover or make straight for the drawing board. Bentley has already emerged as the most popular kid on the block and it doesn’t appear to be privy to losing the trophy.