Leaked: Official 2015 Mustang photos that are more official than the last official photos

What you see above are really, really the super serious images of the 2015 Ford Mustang … probably.

These low-res images were first posted on bb9786‘s Photobucket and they show an early delivery copy of the next Autoweek issue. The guy is getting early delivery of Autoweek but doesn’t have a decent camera phone? C’mon!

Yes, the images are surrounded by text but, sadly, we are unable to make out the copy, so we have no new specs for you to drool over.

Delightfully, the images do slightly differ from the previously leaked, ‘official’ Mustang renderings we’ve seen from the Internet’s tubes and from Car and Driver.

I have to say, this is the best-looking version yet – and one that most resembles the Ford Evos concept we have been long told would inspire the lines of the next-gen ‘Stang.

Want to know everything we know so far about the forthcoming pony car? Check out our Everything You Need To Know story … or just wait until Thursday morning when the official, simultaneous global unveiling takes place in Dearborn, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Shanghai, and Sydney.

While I am absolutely in love with these images and cannot wait to drive the 2015 Mustang, I feel terrible for the men who accidentally sent this Autoweek to press a day early. I hope they had good savings … or at least bought Twitter stock.

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