Nissan Offers Top Quality, Low Priced GPS System


Nissan is changing the built-in navigation paradigm by offering a $400 GPS navigation system in some of its high volume 2010 MY products. This navigation system, with a 5-inch LCD touchscreen, was co-developed by Nissan and Bosch, and is less than half the price of most options available today. The low-cost system will give you directions, integrate your tunes with USB and Aux inputs, point out the most fuel-efficient route to drive, and it also has integrated Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling. Basically everything you’d even need from a decently priced built-in navi.

The Detroit News previewed this system when testing out the 2010 Nissan Sentra and walked away extremely impressed with its features and performance. Although they did admit the touchscreen was a bit too small for their liking—fair enough—but they still commended Nissan on a job well done. Apparently the new navigation system will be featured in some of Nissan’s lower-priced models starting this January. Check out Detroit News’ first impressions of this new GPS system.

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