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Subaru’s new WRX Concept goes low and lean – will they build it?

At the 2013 New York Auto Show, Subaru unveiled a concept version of the next WRX performance car. The turbocharged WRX all-wheel-drive rally car has been terrorizing New England roads since 2001, but it’s definitely time for a new one.

The WRX is based on the Impreza, but even though a redesigned Impreza debuted for the 2013 model year, Subaru hasn’t turned it into a WRX. Current WRXs are based on the previous-generation Impreza chassis.

Based on this dramatic concept car, it’s hard to tell if the next WRX will be another hot version of the Impreza. There are some Impreza styling cues in the grille, but the whole car looks completely different. Its sleek, muscular lines make it look like Subaru is jumping on the “four-door coupe” bandwagon.

Check out this video from Subaru:

Some classic Subaru performance styling cues, like the hood scoop and fender vents, are also apparent. As is customary with Subaru, the concept is painted World Rally Blue.

Some of these proportions probably won’t make it into a production car, especially the low coupe-like roofline.

We’re not sure if the safety yellow brake calipers, badges, and exhaust tips will catch on, but they do attract attention.

Subaru wouldn’t share any information about the future WRX, but hopefully it will have the performance to match this concept’s styling.

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