Featherweight materials make BMW’s M4 Convertible the ultimate open-air Bimmer

BMW took the cover off the M4 Convertible in April at the 2014 New York Auto Show, but the German automaker just broke out the magnifying glass.

The closer look at the open-air Bimmer comes courtesy of a new batch photos and detail videos from the company, which give the car a thorough inspection from head to toe.

The first video goes over the interior inch by inch, highlighting every badge, stitch, control, and detail inside the car. Outside of a few birds singing in the distance, the film is completely silent, so we recommend queuing some background music (try this) for your journey throughout the M4.

Ok, so that may not be a song in the classical sense, but it’s music nonetheless. You do get to see the metal roof in action, though, which opens in 20 seconds and is operable at speeds up to 11 mph.

You can see the 3.0-liter inline six in action in the exterior film, where the sporty convertible powers through the corners on beautiful Bavarian roads.

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Keeping the 4 Series flat in the bends is an Adaptive M Suspension system and an Active M Differential. Lightweight materials like aluminum are used on the hood and side panels as well, and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are found on many areas of the car like the drive shaft.

Despite the use of featherweight materials, the convertible gains about 500 pounds over the coupe with the addition of the electric roof and necessary chassis supports. The 431-horsepower/406 pound-feet six keeps its performance on par with the M3 sedan, though. According to BMW, 0 to 60 mph comes in 4.4 seconds with the optional M-DCT seven-speed.

The 2014 M4 Convertible starts at $73,425.