No, the pills aren’t kicking in; these distorted cars are just art

What’s one of the biggest problems with cars? They always seem to obey the laws of physics. Even the most insane Italian hypercar, that’s made of materials like carbo-titanium and myrrh, is brought down by gravity and geometry.

Fortunately for us, though, artist Chris Labrooy has brought us a take on cars that positively defies reality, and look as though they belong in the world of M.C. Escher.

These amazing images depict classic American cars contorted around each other like something out of a magician’s trick. When I first glimpsed these images I was convinced they were real. Unfortunately, though, I was fooled. As it turns out, these images are just extremely detailed 3D renderings.

Now there is no doubt that these would be cooler if they were real physical sculptures, if only because they would be incredible engineering achievements. Besides, just imagine what it would be like to stand next to this spectacle in person.

However, even if they aren’t real, there is still something very special about them. Not only is the basic concept interesting, the choice of cars fits.

The giant American land yacht, with its vast grille and long lines already seemed somehow … unreal. By using those lines as the point of extension or the split, these art works are made not only more plausible but also visually deeper.

This visual depth and smoothness is highlighted by the contrasting colors used in the images. Seriously, some of these images look like they could be design concepts produced by the automaker.  

Typically car art is pretty tacky, but I really hope that someone who has a few old junkers under a pile of ivy in their back yard sees these and decides to break out the cutting torch and the Sawzall.