Planning to assault the rebel base? Vilner’s Stormtrooper BMW 6 Series will get you there

Vilner Stormtrooper 6 Series

Bulgarian automotive designer Vilner is known for modifying sports cars with odd inspirations.

There was the Bullshark BMW 6 Series, which wore a variety of fins and accents to imitate its predatory aquatic cousin. There was also a Mercedes SL with crocodile-skinned interior, and a wool-lined, “aristocratic” 3 Series.

Vilner’s latest creation, which was just teased on the tuner’s Facebook, may be the most extraordinary of all. After all, it’s inspired by a soldier from a galaxy far, far away …

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A Stormtrooper-inspired BMW 6 Series looks to be the Vilner’s next undertaking, as the company recently posted some awesome concept sketches of the car. It has similar aesthetic elements to the Bullshark, including a protruding hood and highlighted front nostrils.

New for the Stormtrooper (that’s just fun to say) are the customized wheels, wide-mouthed front fascia, and revamped side skirts. There are subtle cues to the Emperor’s favorite henchmen throughout the car, such as bold white paint and side gills that mirror the vents on a Stormtrooper’s helmet.

As of now, there’s little information regarding mechanical upgrades for the car, but there’s no reason to doubt Vilner’s commitment to performance. The 4.4-liter V8 from Bullshark 6 Series was bumped from 333 horsepower to 370 by way of an engine tune and an AC Schnitzer exhaust. The Stormtrooper BMW should be comparably fast, after all, you’re due back on the Death Star by 10.

As an added bonus, Vilner’s 6 Series should be safer than the standard car, because everybody knows Stormtroopers can’t hit anything (or can they?)

E-11 blaster rifle not included.

(Photo via Vilner)