Thanks to a 2000-hp 9.2-liter HEMI, ‘Raminator’ sets record for World’s Fastest Monster Truck

As kids, we’re often kept up at night by the likes of the bogeyman, aliens, or some kind of dreaded swamp monster.

If rusted-out scrapyard vehicles are indeed sentient beings, something that Pixar would like us all to believe, then let me introduce you to their nightmare.

Behold, the Raminator.

This 2,000-horsepower, 10,300-pound car crusher is now officially the fastest monster truck in the world, with a top speed of 99.10 mph.

That number isn’t going to win any drag races. In fact, it would eventually get outrun by a Prius. Remember, though, this monstrosity wasn’t built for speed; it was built to destroy … and presumably sell energy drinks.


Illinois group Hall Bros Racing built the Dodge Ram-esque monster truck, and it features a supercharged, 9.2-liter HEMI engine under its fiberglass body.

The Raminator, which also goes by the name ‘Rammunition,’ is 10 feet tall, 12.5 feet wide, and wears a custom tubular chassis designed by the Hall brothers. Connecting the imposing beast to the ground are KS Nitro gas shocks, a four-link suspension, and grooved tires that are 66 inches tall.

“We took [the Raminator] basically right off of a monster truck racetrack and put it out here,” said Hall Bros Racing President and Crew Chief Tim Hall. “Taking on the challenge of breaking a world record has been an experience we will never forget. We continue to add to our achievements and are honored to now be a Guinness World Records holder.”

The other Hall sibling, Mark, was responsible for driving the Raminator to its noted top speed. Apparently, Hall was shooting for 100 mph, but breaking the previous record of 96.8 mph will have to do for now.