Reebok’s ATV-inspired sneakers look more inspired by a sex shop

Reebok ATV 19+

Feet are to you as tires are to a car. At least that’s the logic behind Reebok’s design team at the unveil of these new all-terrain sneakers. The Reebok ATV 19+ aims to help you tackle all sorts of outdoor madness, as if you’re an SUV bumping through the muddy jungle all car commercials seem to suggest drivers often travel.

Reebok ATV 19+ underThe ATV 19+ features 19 lugs built around the soles to help wearers hop through snow, mud, grass, sand, and everything in between. The knobby lug design was inspired by ATVs, and are padded with rugged overlays so they can grab on to as much terrain as possible per step. Additionally, these overlays help to reenforce durability, abrasion resistance, and traction. Now you’ll have no excuse for sticking with the treadmill when you can rock these sneakers and run out in the snowstorm. Unless, of course, you like being warm and prefer not to wear something that resembles a sea creature or what you’d find at the Museum of Sex (link is NSFW, click at your discretion).

Before we make too many jokes, we should also note that the Reebok ATV 19+ has a rather reputable spokesman to vouch for its design-meets-functionality appeal. UFC fighter Quinton Rampage Jackson recently spoke to basketball news site Slam Online and gave the sneakers quite the praise despite the unusual look. “When I first looked at it, I thought, ‘What am I gonna be doing, running on the moon?’ Surprisingly enough, this design is really, really comfortable,” he said. “I wanted to test these shoes out and prove them wrong but I couldn’t. I was running over rocks and logs and in mud, up dirt hills. It doesn’t bother me.”

If you want to be as cool as Rampage Jackson himself, these goofy Reebok ATV 19+’s will be available at major shoe retailers this Friday at $140 a pair. We promise these are made for humans, not octopi.