Renault Samsung SM7 pictures

No it isn’t a cell-phone, it isn’t even a new flat screen TV, the new Renault Samsung SM7 is the latest collaboration between the French auto maker and the Korean electronics company for a line of domestic automobiles that includes sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers. 

Dubbed the SM7, the new sedan is a product of some 32 months and over $300 million in development costs. Larger than a Nissan Maxima and featuring two V6 engines, the SM7 also features a 2.5 liter unit with 190 horsepower as well as a larger 3.5 liter option which produces 258 horsepower, with both units being offered in a six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission.

Pricing has seen a slight increase from the old model which shouldn’t concern U.S. consumers as this car will likely only be available in Korea.