Could this rendering preview a future Ford LMP1 car?

Ford GT rendering
Last week, we brought you a Forza 6 promotional video that detailed the design process of the show-stopping Ford GT. Hidden within that film may have been our first look at a Ford GT-based Le Mans racecar.

At 1:49 in the video, you can see what appear to be sketches of a Ford GT-inspired racer in the background, featuring revised bodywork and that ubiquitous rear fin.

That sneakiest of peaks was sufficient to get automotive artist rc82 workchop working on a full-size digital rendering, which we have provided for you above. The car looks amazing as a race competitor, though it could use more Gulf Oil livery.

It’s unknown what category Ford’s entrant (if there even is one) would qualify for, as its production-style GT nose and aero-laden LMP1 rear seem to peg it between two classes.

To be clear, there is no conformation that this car exists, will exist, or is even being considered at this time. It’d be pretty cool if it was, though. Right?

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the GT40 Mk II’s 1-2-3 victory over Ferrari and Porsche at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Ferrari is rumored to be coming back to the LMP1 class soon, so now may be a good time to make this imagining a reality.

You may recognize the rc82 name from the slick Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series rendering that popped up in September. As we reported in January, it looks like that car will actually happen.

Will the same prove true for this Le Mans competitor? We certainly hope so.

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