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The Shatner-inspired Rivet One is a mean steampunk trike from the future

Star of the stage and screen William Shatner has traversed the U.S. many times, and in many forms, but he’s never done so on a motorcycle. Now, the 83 year-old actor wants to tick that off his list, but Shatner isn’t going to do things Easy Rider-style, he plans to do so in his own custom motorcycle… sort of.

According to an interview in Motor Trend, a staff member from American Wrench custom motorcycle shop met the Canadian film and television actor at an autograph signing, suggesting to him that his crew build a custom bike for him, to which Shatner took him up on.

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Rivet One Motorcycle

What American Wrench designed from Shatner’s vision is the Rivet One, a three-wheeled chopper powered by a V8 that the actor plans to ride from Chicago to Los Angeles after its completion sometime this summer. Design mockups of the Rivet show that it is indeed loaded with a bunch of rivets, with the V8 mounted in-between the passenger and front wheel, but these are most likely going to be the only traits that will end up on the final product: it turns out Bill can get pretty far out with his ideas.

On a Vimeo channel dedicated to promoting the Rivet, Shatner is seen explaining some of the things he wants to see in the final build, including a redesign that incorporates a closed canopy and seating for two.

What is Rivet? from Rivet on Vimeo.

After the TekWar author and T.J. Hooker star gets his own Rivet One, American Wrench will offer to make custom versions for customers if they so desire, although it’s way too early to determine what the cost may be.

In the meantime, We’ll eagerly anticipate seeing the final version, curious to see what happens on Shatner’s  three-wheeled cross-country trek.

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