Just like the iPhone 5S, Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe concept looks better in gold

Volkswagen will debut a sportier version of its CrossBlue seven-seat crossover concept at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The CrossBlue Coupe follows the trend of SUV “coupes” that sacrifice utility for style.

Keen-eyed observers might point out that the CrossBlue Coupe has four doors, but a traditional coupe only has two. However, with everything from the Mercedes-Benz CLS and CLA to the BMW X6 being called a coupe these days, that’s alright.

What distinguishes the CrossBlue Coupe from the original CrossBlue, which debuted at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, is a sloping roofline. And gold paint.

Also, there’s a new powertrain underneath the revised styling. The original CrossBlue was a diesel-electric hybrid, but the Coupe swaps compression ignition for spark plugs.

With a total system output of 415 horsepower, the twin-turbocharged gasoline V6 and twin electric motors should give the Coupe the performance to match its sporty pedigree.

Volkswagen says the CrossBlue Coupe will do 0-62 mph (0 to 100 kph) in 5.9 seconds, and reach a top speed of 147 mph.

VW also reckons that the plug-in Coupe will return 79 mpg on the European cycle. Just operating on its gasoline engine, it will return 34.1 mpg.

The size of the CrossBlue Coupe’s battery pack hasn’t been released, but the concept can reportedly drive 21 miles on a full charge at speeds up to 75 mph.

Like the non-Coupe CrossBlue, this latest VW crossover concept is based on the company’s new MQB architecture, a modular platform that forms the basis for the new Mk7 Golf.

Volkswagen intended MQB to underpin a variety of vehicles, so a production version of the CrossBlue isn’t out of the question. With so many crossovers out there, but relatively few green options, it would be great to see something like the CrossBlue Coupe’s plug-in hybrid powertrain in a production vehicle.

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