Beware the Super Snake: Ford reveals Shelby Signature package for 5th-gen Mustang

Shelby GT500 Super Snake
The automotive world may have shifted its focus to the sixth-generation Ford Mustang, but the previous breed is still going strong.

Shelby has just announced the Signature Edition GT500 Super Snake, a rip-roaring tribute to the Mustang’s fifth generation. Running from 2007 to 2014, it was an era that featured a ton of standouts.

The Dark Highland Green ‘Bullitt’ Mustang from 2008 is always a favorite, as is the 540-horsepower ‘King of the Road’ GT500KR from the same year. For those with a stronger craving for speed, there was the non-street-legal Mustang Cobra Jet of 2012, a pure drag racer with a quarter-mile time of less than eight seconds.

And now we have the champion, the final boss of the lot: the Shelby Super Snake.

Based on the GT500 Mustang, the Signature Edition post-title program includes a ton of trick styling add-ons, including Super Snake badging, Forged Weld Wheels, and exclusive striping options.

As far as the car’s performance, it’s, well, super.

The 5.4-liter V8 is equipped with a 3.6 Kenne Bell Supercharger that produces up to 850 galloping ponies. On top of that, there’s upgraded brakes, tightened suspension, and a new cooling system that includes aluminum cooling tanks. 

Shelby American CEO Joe Conway had some choice words for the car. More importantly, though, is what the car represents.

“With production of the current generation GT500 ending, we wanted to commemorate the sunset of an important era,” he said. “This Shelby truly changed the automotive landscape and inspired the performance competition that continues today. It’s a car worthy of being honored with a very special limited edition Shelby.”

The Signature Edition Shelby GT500 Super Snake package is available for $44,995, not including the cost of the base car.

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