Silly acronym aside, you may be able to make your 2014 Lexus IS a real ‘TRD’ machine

Lexus IS TRD

Toyota Racing Development – as good as it and its products are – has a rather unfortunate-sounding acronym: TRD.

Despite that, TRD is known for making upgrade bits for Lexus, Toyota, and Scion cars and trucks that can be purchased at the dealer and added onto a car, improving its looks and or performance without voiding the warranty.

Lexus IS TRD3

The poorly acronymed Toyota factory upgrade parts company has come up with its latest product line – and they’re for the 2014 Lexus IS. Presently only listed on the Japanese TRD site, the company has listed several visual and performance upgrades for the new compact luxury sedan.

In the looks department, TRD has created a skirting kit, a spoiler extension, a rear bumper diffuser, and some rather trick 19-inch alloy aluminum wheels. By way of performance, TRD has some sport dampers for the suspension and additional bracing. For performance and sound, the designers have come up with an exhaust kit as well.

What will these sporty add-ons run you? “Pricing for the body kit starts at 437,700 yen (approximately $4,270), while the suspension upgrades list at 288,750 yen ($2,817) and the wheels list at 527,625 yen for the set ($5,150),” according to a Motor Authority report.

Lexus IS TRD2

Like we said above, these upgrades are only listed for the Japanese market but will surely make their way Stateside sometime in the near future, as the U.S. is one of Lexus’ biggest markets.

When we learn of a U.S. release we’ll be sure to let you know, so check back soon. Meanwhile, may we suggest a name change to Toyota Racing Internal Components or some such?