Stuck in traffic? Rinspeed’s XchangE concept literally lets you kick back and relax

Everyone hates being stuck in traffic. While the boredom gets me, it’s the irrational frustration that’s worse. After not too long, I see everyone in traffic around me as a flat-out terrible driver. My brain turns everyone hostile for no reason.

But what if, rather than working yourself into a lather like me, you could relax and enjoy your commute home? Well, the ever-innovative Rinspeed may have a solution. The Swiss automaker has a reputation for making wild vehicles taken straight out of science fiction, and its concept XchangE is no different.

While automated cars are usually still focused on the driver being in control, the XchangE allows the driver to sit back in 20 different configurations that are usually reserved for the living room. Drivers can slide the futuristic steering wheel out of the way and toggle multiple display screens, or simply kick up their feet and enjoy the ride. In the back, Rinspeed channeled its inner “Pimp My Ride” with a top-of-the-line 32-inch monitor.

Naturally, the vehicle comes equipped with LTE wireless connectivity. After all, we all know how trapped we feel when we have no Internet, especially when relaxing or at work. The exterior of the vehicle is taken from the Tesla Model S, following Rinspeed’s custom of building on already cool models (see Rinspeed Lotus submarine), and is relatively unchanged. The grille has been replaced, a bodykit added, a unique panaoramic sunroof cut into the roof, and the vehicle gets to put on some new 20-inch Borbet shoes.

Unfortunately the Xchange probably won’t see the road. Delightfully, however, several of its technology innovations will certainly be examined for use, in particular automation and infotainment.