Ouch! Watch Tesla’s Model S P85D snap a dyno belt with its insane torque

Certain supercars can brag about spinning their wheels on a dyno, but few actually have the grunt to break one. Well, one vehicle has done just that, and it happens to be a four-door luxury sedan.

It’s not just any family car though, it’s Tesla’s ridiculously potent Model S P85D.

On a recent dyno run, the 691-horsepower electric claimed one of the machine’s belts as its victim, ripping it apart at the seams with colossal pulling force.

Before the dynamometer threw in the towel, it measured a torque output of over 700 pound-feet. We know from past tests that the all-wheel drive P85D can produce up to 864 lb-ft provided the equipment can handle it, but the immediacy of the thrust made this dyno cower in fear.

The point-and-click power delivery also translates into the car’s acceleration characteristics. When the driver activates ‘Insane Mode,’ which unbridles the Model S’ full electric potential, 0 to 60 mph is dealt with in just 3.1 seconds. It also happens to turn fully-grown adults into giddy (and often frightened) children.

The Insane Mode reaction video comes courtesy of Drag Times’ YouTube channel, the same place you’ll find the dyno-breaking clip above. It’s also the source of other P85D clips like its self-destructive race with a 500-hp Mitsubishi Evo X and its highly-anticipated rematch with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

The range-topping Model S is even quick over ice, as proven by a recent run-in with a snowmobile on a frozen lake.

Given the Tesla’s physics-bending power output, pitting it up against an 800cc, 160-hp snowmachine may seem a little unfair. Factor in the sled’s larger contact patch and the P85D’s lack of snow tires, and the contest becomes a bit closer. We won’t spoil the result for you now, but you can watch the video here to see the chilly conclusion.

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