They’re alive! Hyundai showcases four evolutionary concepts at IDEA Festival

Hyundai Golden Time Rescue
There are many different types of ‘cool.’

Depending on your era, you might think the slick-haired greasers of the ‘50s were cool. Maybe you love cutting edge tech, so nothing beats Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. Perhaps you like hot rods, medieval architecture, marine science, or fashion. To someone, somewhere, everything is awesome.

But then there’s ‘weird cool,’ and that’s an appeal that’s hard to nail down. Especially in cars. Whatever it is, whatever separates the adorably eccentric vehicles from the rest; Hyundai’s engineers have it.

According to Car Scoops, Hyundai showcased four new concepts at the IDEA Festival in South Korea, where scientists, engineers, and thinkers from all around the world meet.

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You wouldn’t expect to find conservative people-carriers at the event, and the prototypes revealed by Hyundai didn’t appoint.

The first, the Golden Time Rescue (above), has unquestionably the best name. This pint-sized GTR is a one-seater rescue vehicle, with wheels that adjust in size to accommodate any terrain.

Hyundai Carry U

The next is the smallest, and it’s called the Carry U Scooter. It can be configured as a luggage carrier or a scooter like a tiny practical Megazord, and presumably uses a battery to travel small distances.

Hyundai Length and Width

The Length and Width concept is next, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Its designative awkwardness translates into the aesthetics as well, as the tubular frame looks like a strange, futuristic chariot. It’s able to adjust its size on a horizontal axis too, hence the name.

Hyundai Car-Meleon

The last concept is the Car-Meleon, and well, it adapts. Unlike a lizard, which changes its coloring to protect itself, the fugly Car-Meleon changes its shape for practical reasons. The fabric-covered vehicle can manifest as a sedan, an RV, or a truck.

Some of these look like something out of Pixar, and others look like they just rolled out of an Apple store. Don’t let the capitalistic references fool you though, these creations are completely unique, creative, and just plain cool.

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