The Honda S660 concept is the cutest micro convertible since the Geo Metro

Today, Honda makes a lot of good cars. But it used to make a lot of great ones. Accordingly, Honda enthusiasts are praying for the return of sporty models like the S2000 and CRX. Will this whet their appetite?

At the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will try to recapture some of its former magic with the S660 concept, a micro sports car that could bring a little excitement to the company’s lineup.

The S660’s styling is heavily influenced by the 2011 EV-STER concept, but things are different under the skin.

The EV-STER had a fully-electric power train, but the S660 has a turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine displacing just 660 cubic centimeters (hence the name). It produces a mere 64 horsepower.

That may not sound like a lot, but the S660 reportedly weighs less than 2,000 pounds. Straight-line speed probably isn’t its mission, anyway.

Honda produced a small convertible sports car called the Beat from 1991 to 1996. It was one of the kei microcars that are popular with Japanese buyers because of their small size and cheap insurance. Like the S2000 and CRX, it’s become something of a cult classic.

Honda could pitch a production version of the S660 as a Beat successor, or just as a fuel-efficient sports car that emphasizes handling over acceleration.

Whether Honda actually plans to build the S660, or just bait its fans, is unclear. There have been rumors that the EV-STER would get the green light, and Honda probably doesn’t want two small convertible sports cars in its lineup.

The S660 concept will debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, which opens November 20. We’ll have more on this bite-sized Honda, and everything else from Tokyo, then.