Turns out, Ron Burgundy thinks the Dodge Durango is a terrible car

turns ron burgundy thinks dodge durango terrible car

Sure, Ron might want you to buy the car. Doesn't mean he has to like it.

Ron Burgundy delighted the Internet recently with his new slew of Dodge Durango ads.

Despite his enthusiasm for the size of the glove box, it turns out Mr. Burgundy actually thinks the Durango is “a terrible car.”

This might come to a shock to the thousands of people who hurried out to their local Dodge dealerships and bought one of the “last of the real SUVs” after seeing Ron’s ads. In fact, Durango sales jumped a truly shocking 59-percent after the Anchorman ads reached the airwaves.

Amusingly, Ron touched on one of our major concerns with the new Dodge products: build quality. Ron says the one they gave him “for free” split in half after four feet. It’s no surprise though, a car built by Americans based upon an old German design with money from the Italians surely can’t be all too great, after all.

All kidding aside, we have had a great laugh right along with Ron and Dodge and we’re proud to see such a beautiful truck become a late-to-the-game sales success.