You’re doing it wrong. Valet crashes $400,000 Lamborghini while parking in Monaco

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On  might not normally think of valeting as being a particularly high-stress job. If you work at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, though, you might find yourself trying to park balky and expensive supercars. And that can be a bit of a challenge, particularly when you are a bit, well, stupid.

In this video, we see a valet tasked with parking a very wide, twitchy, and expensive – $400,000 to be exact – Lamborghini Aventador. For a while, it was even going well. The intrepid valet managed to stutter and burble the nearly 700-horsepower monster into a space between two expensive cars. And that’s when he was struck with a fit of overconfidence.

Deciding to show off the Lambo and his amazing parking skills, our hero thought it might be a good idea to rev the motor. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he neglected to check if the mighty Lambo was in gear. What followed was the sort of physics lesson that could have been predicted by Issac Newton. Acceleration times mass over Toyota Rav4 equals sad Lambo and fired Valet.

Other than the crunched nose of the Lambo, that might be the saddest part of this whole video. Hitting a Rav4 is such an ignominious fate for a Lamborghini Aventador. It should have at least taken out a rival, like a Ferrari.

Fortunately, the valet didn’t have much room for a run up, so the only visible damage was to the carbon fiber panel at the front of the Aventador. And that should be a bargain to fix. Why, I bet it won’t cost more than the price of a new Kia Forte.