Should the Volkswagen Amarok midsize pickup do Stateside battle with the GMC Canyon?

Yes, a Volkswagen Pickup truck. VW has been out of the U.S. pickup market since 1980. Although the German automaker unveiled the Amarok in 2009, it deemed the pickup too small for the American market.

Since 2009, VW has been keeping a keen eye on the U.S. truck market, though. Although vee-dub competes side-by-side with General Motors in the mid-size sedan and crossover market, it hasn’t ever considered itself a pickup competitor.

With the unveil of the all-new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickups, that story just changed. VW figures if the new GM trucks sell well, it might consider unleashing its Amarok on the American public.

The Amarok, however, has done well in European markets and might do well the States as well.

North American CEO Michael Horn told Autoblog, “It’s a question mark, but it’s starting to be discussed. Let’s put it this way: we will start to discuss it again and whether it’s attractive for us.”

Volkswagen could have a prime market for midsize trucks, as the brand could offer a capable and fuel-efficient diesel-powered truck. Diesel, as I am sure you know, is VW’s wheelhouse. It’s not that cut-and-dry, though. VW would have to compete not only with Chevy and GMC, but also Nissan and Toyota’s mid-size trucks.

It is not clear as to whether Volkswagen would redo its current Amarok or send it straight over as-is. Either option sound good to me. Who wouldn’t want a midsize truck with good gas mileage anyways? Heck, the Amarok looks great to boot.

Given the chance, would you buy a Volkswagen Amarok over a GMC Canyon? Tell us in the comments.