This BMW CS Vintage Concept marries classic Bimmer styling with modern day motoring

Usually, vintage cars are retrofitted with new, modern underpinnings. Sometimes, though, designers like to bring back the old with something new.

Enter the CS Vintage, which mirrors the timeless looks of the 1960s BMW E9 coupe and 2000 CS, giving it the utter simplicity found in prior generations.

The CS Vintage even manages to keep things realistic, something hard to do with a rendering. The concept in undeniably BMW looking and is set to be built off of the current 6 Series platform. The concept is probably a little larger than the original 2000 CS, but that doesn’t matter considering it combines futuristic looks with classic automotive styling.

The designer, David Obendorfer, deserves some quality appraisal. He managed to bring back something Bimmer fanatics will drool over, while keeping the idea simple and realistic. Frankly, I think BMW would be silly not to adopt this concept.

Producing such a car wouldn’t be unprecedented. Nissan already made such a move with its fantastic IDx. The Toyota FR-S is also a great callback to its historic sports cars.

Hopefully BMW will grasp onto Obendorfer’s idea, because I want an everyday Bimmer that isn’t an i3 or an M3, but something perfectly in between.