$25 Model A Raspberry Pi now officially available in the U.S.

raspberry-pi-model-aWant an even cheaper Raspberry Pi computer? The $25 Raspberry Pi Model A variant that’s $10 cheaper than the Model B released last year is now officially available in the U.S. The tiny $25 computer was launched in Europe in February and became available in Asia last week. Because the Raspberry Pi Foundation had to iron out import paperwork kinks and stock up resellers with units they could ship out from get-go, the U.S. is its final destination. 

You could have imported the $25 Pi from European sellers prior to its U.S. release, but for a price higher than retail. Now that it’s arrived in the U.S., you can get one from an authorized reseller.  Texas-based Allied Electronics is one of the first to sell it. The problem is, the Model A Pi sold out at Allied hours ago, and since the site doesn’t take preorders, you’ll have to check back frequently to make sure you get one when the site receives a fresh batch. We’re hoping the foundation adds more to the authorized reseller list to make it easier for everyone to nab a unit. 

With only 256MB of RAM instead of 512MB, one USB port instead of two, and no Ethernet ports, the less expensive Raspberry Pi comes with more basic specs than its predecessor. It’s designed to be used for low-energy projects such as devices that rely on solar power or batteries, including remote sensors and perhaps even search-and-rescue robots.

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