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Mariella Moon

Mariella Moon

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Mariella loves working on both helpful and awe-inspiring science and technology stories. When she's not at her desk writing, you can find her in her room reading books, in front of the mirror trying to perfect her winged eyeliner, or crouched on the floor, giving her dog, Roco, a belly rub.

lenovo horizon table pc tabletop designs treehouse

Lenovo to showcase quirky furniture designs for the 27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon table PC

The three furniture designs made especially for the Ideacentre Horizon will suit different types of people and households and will fit different locations.

Lenovo, Best Buy list IdeaPad Yoga 11S for pre-order

Months after we met Lenovo's Ideapad Yoga 11S at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, the company puts it up for preorder on its website and on
asus transformer book review  alternate

Asus to finally release Transformer Book hybrid PC on May 21

Asus is finally unleashing the Transformer Book, a Windows 8 Ultrabook-tablet hybrid announced almost a year ago. It'll be available in the U.S. May 21.
dell xps 10 windows rt table price cut

Dell slashes price of XPS 10 Windows RT tablet by $150, base model now starts at $300

Interested in trying out a Windows RT tablet? You can get a Dell XPS 10 right now for $300, which's $150 less than its original starting price.
twitter launches app for windows 8 and rt comes with new features

Microsoft exec confirms Windows Blue will be a free upgrade called Windows 8.1

Windows Blue will be launched as a free download named Windows 8.1, according to a Microsoft's Tami Reller, although its exact release date remains unknown.
google strong account authentication roadmap 5 year security

Google reveals 5-year roadmap detailing stronger account authentication

Google's five-year security roadmap plans to create more ways to securely access accounts that require more than a simple password.
inside itunes 11 cleaner easier and finally fast fl

Microsoft: Don’t expect iTunes for Windows 8 ‘any time soon,’ the ball’s in Apple’s court

An official iTunes app has yet to arrive on Windows 8, making it hard for users to navigate the software, and Microsoft says you shouldn't expect one soon.
microsoft posts bizarre windows 8 ads quickly removes training camp

Microsoft outs bizarre Windows 8 ads … and pulls them down quickly

Microsoft's new "Windows 8 Training Camp" ads are bizarre yet entertaining at the same time. Too bad they were pulled down as quickly as they were launched.
Google Now (Next Appointment)

Chromium code suggests OS X version of Google Now is coming

A well-known Chromium expert found codes hidden in the browser that enhances OS X's notification center and hints at the arrival of the feature on the OS.
sony announces vaio fit line mainstream laptops refreshes old series fit01

Sony announces Vaio Fit line of mainstream laptops, refreshes old series

Sony revealed its new Vaio Fit series, as well as the 2013 refresh of its All-in-One Tap 20, All-in-One L series, and T-series 15 to be released by mid-May.
acer aspire v5 refresh announces v7 ultrabooks v series01

Acer refreshes Aspire V5 notebook series, announces new V7 Ultrabooks

Acer refreshed its V5 notebooks and unveiled a brand new V7 series. Both will be available with or without touch, and SSDs are an option with the V7.
google fiber kansas city could cost as much 94 million dt

Google Fiber’s next location: Shawnee, Kansas

Google reveals that Shawnee, Kansas is the newest site for Fiber - its blazing-fast internet service which first became available in Kansas City.
windows 8 install microsoft

Report: April sees increase in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 users

More users are starting to use Windows 8, but Microsoft still has a lot of work to do if it wants the system's growth to be on par with Windows 7's.
apple begins replacing 3tb hard drives for late 2012 imacs

Apple Store now offers 256GB and 512GB flash storage options for iMacs

iMacs can now come with 256GB or 512GB flash storage instead of 1TB HDDs, as long as you're willing to pony up more cash than the computer's base price.
belkin thunderbolt express dock side

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock finally available for $300

Belkin recently announced the availability of its $300 Thunderbolt Express Dock. It comes with a bunch of ports, including two Thunderbolt connections.
mac os x 10 9 what can we expect from apples next osx domestic

Report: Mac OS X 10.9 adding iOS-style ‘power user’ features, tabbed browsing in Finder

Apple's Mac OS X 10.9 might focus on bringing new features that "power users" will find useful, including Finder tabs and tags, and iOS-like updates.
mac windows chrome office viewer ms word

Mac and Windows users can now view Microsoft Office files directly in Chrome

No more waiting for Microsoft Office to launch when you click on a Web link. Chrome's new Office Viewer lets you view MS Office files right in your browser.

Google Drive update emphasizes social: Adds chat and profile photos

Google Drive, the company's cloud service, was updated today with a bunch of new social features that aim to make collaborative work a lot easier.
apples new macbook pro with retina display

Study says the most reliable Windows laptop is … a MacBook Pro?

According to PC troubleshooting firm Soluto, Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro offers what could be the most stable environment for the Microsoft-owned OS.
updates to windows 8 and rt coming soon 3 2013 windows8 dt

Windows 8.1 might have a Start button, but no Start menu

Asus Transformer Infinity

Intel-powered Android laptop-tablet hybrids reportedly on the way

What's next for Intel? According to rumors, the company's new Haswell chips will power a new line of Android tablet-notebook hybrid devices as early as May.
wi fi routers hack wifi router flickr

Study: Popular Wi-Fi routers are easy to hack, and there’s no foolproof way to secure them

A study reveals the vulnerabilities in some of the most popular Wi-Fi routers out there. A fix has yet to be issued to make the devices more secure.
interactive music video mouse pointer

Crowdsourced interactive music video celebrates 50 years of pointing and clicking

An Amsterdam band wants to you to wave your mouse pointers in the air for a new crowdsourced video that pays tribute to the oft-overlooked mouse pointer.
stolen macbook pro spawns tumblr of shame screen

Stolen MacBook Pro ends up in Iran, spawns Tumblr of shame for both parties

When a man's MacBook was stolen, he used a tracking app to find it, posting photos of the new owner on a Tumblr. However, the "thief" was actually innocent.
names like null cause problems for computer users coding matrix main

Agency represents rockstar coders instead of celebrities

Agents aren't just for movie stars anymore. A new Hollywood-esque agency makes it easy for top freelance coders and tech professionals to book gigs.
Apple Photo Stream iPhone MacBook Air

Apple patents proximity-based iOS to OS X file transfer technology

A recent Apple patent suggests a contextually aware feature that makes it super easy to transfer files between iPhones or iPads and MacBooks.
new 2012 apple imac pictures 27imac 34 flower print

Apple selling refurbished 2012 iMacs for up to $400 off retail price

Apple has listed several refurbished 2012 iMac models (both 21.5-inch and 27-inch versions) for sale online at around $200 to $400 less than retail price.

Microsoft reminds Windows XP users that extended support will end in T-minus 1 year

Microsoft's promoting Windows 8 by reminding customers that extended XP support and security updates will end exactly one year from today.
uc berkeley replace passwords with pass thoughts brainwave authentication

Passwords are so last season, ‘pass-thoughts’ let you log in with your mind

In the future, you might not need to memorize complicated strings of characters to access your accounts; all you need to do is use "pass-thoughts."
raspberry pis power computer lab in underdeveloped african village cameroon pi

25 Raspberry Pis power computer lab in underdeveloped African village

Thanks to the very affordable and tiny computer we know as Raspberry Pi, students in a small African village can enjoy a fully functional computer lab.
convertible macbook patent

Apple files patent for a convertible MacBook laptop/tablet design

A MacBook that's both a tablet and a laptop, similar to the Surface Pro? That's what one of Apple's new patents hints at. But will this patent come to life?
Baidu (sign)

Chinese search engine Baidu developing Google Glass-like high-tech eyewear

Google's Chinese competition, Baidu, is working on a smart eyepiece technology similar to Google Glass called "Baidu Eye."
windows xp support will end in less than 500 days setup screen

Decline of Windows XP usage stalls a year before its 2014 death

A lot of users still love their Windows XP PCs. In fact, though we're past Windows 7 and onto Windows 8 already, XP usage hasn't dropped significantly.
twitter launches app for windows 8 and rt comes with new features

Amazon reviews show users like Windows 8 more than Vista (but nothing compares to Windows 7)

Amazon reviews give us a glimpse into what consumers think about Windows 8. While it has yet to reach W7's approval rating, people like it more than Vista.