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Sony announces Vaio Fit line of mainstream laptops, refreshes old series


Sony unleashed a number of new Vaio laptops today, including a new line called “Fit” and a refresh of the Tap 20 All-in-One, the All-in-One L Series, and the T series 15. Pedro LaFargo, SVP of Sony’s Mobile Entertainment Division, describes the new Fit line as laptops with the same “features as [Sony’s] amazingly thin and powerful ultra-premium models but at an entry-level price point.”

The MacBook-esque Fit line has a body made out of aluminum and is very customizable. You have a choice between a 14-inch screen with a 1600 x 900 (HD+) pixel resolution, or a 15-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 (full HD) pixel resolution, and you can even swap the normal screen with a touchscreen display for an additional cost. If you want to ensure speedy performance, hybrid drive and solid-state drive options exist. You can also choose among third-generation Intel Core processors (up to i7), optical drives (a Blu-ray writing option exists), and NVIDIA graphics cards with up to 2GB of VRAM. Other features include surround sound, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, ArtRage studio program for artists, and a webcam sensor that makes video chatting in low lightning conditions possible. Both 14-inch and 15-inch versions come with big box speakers, although the 15-inch laptop also has a subwoofer. Check out our review of the Sony Vaio 15 here

The new Vaio Tap 20, a family tabletop computer, now comes preloaded with Sony’s Imagination Studio multimedia software and Intel’s Wireless Display technology to make it easy to stream content from your computer to your HDTV. The new 15-inch full HD Vaio T-series 15 Uultrabooks don’t have a lot by way of new features, but it now has hybrid drive options. Finally, Sony is updating its L series with its Bravia Engine X-Reality chip, which includes the option of upping the hard drive to 3TB. 

The Fit 14 and Fit 15 line of laptops, which are available in Steel Black, Steel Pink, and Steel Silver, will be available in mid-May starting at $650 and $700, respectively. The normal black, pink, and white versions called Fit E 14 and Fit E 15, will start at $550 and $580, respectively. The Tap 20, L series, and T-series 15 refresh will be released at the same time and will be priced at $900, $850, and $1,250, respectively.

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