Apple patents proximity-based iOS to OS X file transfer technology

Apple Photo Stream iPhone MacBook AirMacBook, iPhone, iPad: Apple’s trifecta of products. Out of those three, you’re probably more inclined to bring the iPhone and iPad everywhere with you. You take pictures with your iPhone, type documents on your iPad, or create and edit videos on either. These days, to transfer content from your mobile devices to your computer, you have no choice but to rely on cloud services, or to email the files to yourself. Apple has PhotoStream that makes things a bit easier, but, according to AppleInsider, a newly filed Apple patent will make transferring files from an iPhone or iPad to a MacBook much more convenient. 

The patent describes a system that works with the help of current wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. Holding your phone close to a MacBook will initiate the file transfer, although the patent also mentions the possibility of having to make the two devices actually touch. The system can do a lot more than what the Bump app can do. It can automatically insert files, such as photos and documents, into an open app on your computer. If you have an open document and you’re transferring an image, for instance, the image will automatically be inserted into the document. Transferring a photo while an image editing app is open will automatically launch the photo within the app. Typing up an email while transferring a file? It instantly becomes an attachment. 

The system can undoubtedly be very useful, and we’d love for Apple to make this patent a reality. Considering that the wireless technologies it needs to function already exists, this isn’t impossible.

In addition to this patent, the company recently filed another one that will make it possible to purchase content from iTunes even without an Internet connection. The idea is to store content based on your past purchases right on your device. To unlock a song, a movie, or an app, you simply use some of your pre-purchased credits bought with your credit card, bank account, or PayPal.