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Oculus Touch controller pricing revealed on Amazon ahead of Oculus Connect show

amazon leak oculus touch 2
Oculus Connect 3 is set to take place October 6, but one of the big expected announcements may have been spoiled by Amazon. Following along from several other etailers which jumped the gun last month, Amazon has revealed the U.K. pricing for the Oculus Touch controllers, listing them at 190 British pounds.

Oculus Connect is the third annual developer conference that the virtual reality company has run and it will feature a number of big announcements, including a lot of details about upcoming content. Perhaps the biggest revelation though was expected to be the final U.S. pricing of the Oculus Touch controllers.

Although we do still need to hear it from the horse’s mouth, we can do a bit of maths to get a pretty good idea of what Touch will cost in America. If we take the 190-pound price tag, knock off the 20 percent for VAT and convert that to U.S. dollars, we end up with $206. Considering the Brits (this writer included) tend to get stiffed by import duties and shipping costs, too, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Oculus Touch controllers priced somewhere between $200 and $230 in the U.S.

This would be close to the estimations we made when we saw the leaked euro pricing, though the slightly altered value of the pound since then does skew the results a little.

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The official launch date given for Oculus Touch on the Amazon page is November 23, so likely the U.S. will have a similar launch date — though we may need to wait for the Oculus Connect to find out for sure.

Fortunately there isn’t long to wait. Oculus Connect begins at 1 p.m. ET on October 6, and you can find live-streams for it on Oculus’ YouTube and Twitch channels. As you might expect from a VR company, it will also be hosting a virtual reality stream of the event through the NextVR app.

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