Amazon makes life a little easier for PC users with Send to Kindle plugin

amazon makes life a little easier for pc users with send to kindle plugin stktopbanner

Kindle is great for books and all, but some folks would like to be able to get personal documents onto their Kindle or Kindle Library and up until now, it’s been a less-than-simple task. The option of a new plugin, however, is going to make the task a lot easier for PC users, and eventually Mac users, too. Send to Kindle for PC is a simple application that will allow users to easily send personal documents to both their online Kindle and their Kindle library for access on any Kindle-enabled devices. 

Once the plugin is downloaded, all users have to do is right-click on a document in Windows Explorer or look under “Print” options in any Windows application. In both pull-down menus, a new “Send to Kindle” option will now show up. After that, the documents are archived, meaning you can easily download them to any of your Kindle-enabled devices at any time. Conveniently, notes and highlights are also saved and will be the same across all of your devices. Make a note on a document on your smartphone and it will automatically show up on the document when you open it in Kindle on your PC. The only exception here is that the Whispersync notes and highlights won’t work with PDF documents. 

The new application is free to download and we have word that a version for Mac users will be on the way shortly.