AMD launches new 370x graphics card

amd launches new 370x graphics card

As much as AMD’s new range of Fury GPUs is quite different from the norm, it’s also backing up its new high bandwidth memory (HBM) sporting cards, like the Fury X and the recently debuted Nano, with a number of much more typical graphics cards. The 370X is designed to go head-to-head with Nvidia’s newly announced 950, and to widen the spectrum of available AMD cards, permitting the firm to also cater to the sub-$200 market.

AMD hasn’t made much of a splash about this card — perhaps wisely so after all of the fallout when it was discovered that most 300 series cards would be rebrands. Even so, it has appeared on some Chinese websites, and as TechPowerUp reports, Sapphire was quick to show off its various iterations of the new GPU. It’s now available in the company’s Vapor-X configuration, which comes in both 2GB and 4GB of GDDR5 variations.

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Additional specifications of those particular cards — others will likely vary depending on manufacturer and cooling set-up — include a 1200MHz core clock speed and 5.6GHz (effective) on the memory. They draw power from twin six-pin PCIe power connectors and have outputs for twin DVI, a single HDMI, and a single DisplayPort.

As unlikely as it is that this GPU will take home any performance awards, it’s a very important one for AMD in terms of actually generating revenue. While everyone looks to the high-end cards to judge whether AMD or Nvidia has won the latest round of the GPU wars, the margins on graphics cards are so low that volume sales are really important, and such sales implicate the mid-budget range, where mere mortals operate.

But this is also far from the weakest GPU of this generation of AMD cards. In fact, it’s still part of the R9 range, which is somewhat surprising.