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AMD drops Radeon Software Crimson Edition V. 16.11.1 with 'Call of Duty' support

AMD Radeon RX 470
If you’re using a PC, then you’re using a graphical processing unit (GPU) to drive your displays and play your games. In order to achieve the best possible reliability and frame rates, you’ll want to be sure you’re running your GPU’s most recent drivers.

Today, AMD issued a press release announcing the latest version of its Radeon Software Crimson Edition, which includes the drivers supporting the entire line of AMD Radeon GPUs for both PCs and mobile devices. The update brings the software to version 16.11.1 and provides a host of improvements.

First up is specific support for two upcoming PC gaming titles, one of which is an update of an existing popular game and another is the anxiously awaited next chapter in the same franchise. We’re talking here about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. By adding support for those titles, the Radeon drivers will be able to provide an optimal experience in terms of both appearance and frame rates.

Another title that has received some additional support is Titanfall 2. For this title, AMD added Crossfire support for DirectX 11, enabling the support of more than one GPU working in tandem to optimize performance.

The new Radeon Software Crimson Edition also includes a number of fixes for the software’s system-level functionality. The AMD XConnect technology has been improved, and will now allow Microsoft Office applications to transition to an integrated GPU when moving to battery power. The WattMan feature should now run without error. And, the OBS screen capture function should no longer stutter after capturing video or watching content for extended periods.

In terms of improved game support, some flickering that was apparent in Battlefield 1 surfaces while playing in Crossfire mode has been resolved. Radeon R9 390 GPUs should no longer crash when playing Unigine Heaven using OpenGL. And finally, The Division was freezing when running in Crossfire mode for extensive periods of time, and those crashes should no longer occur.

You can download the latest versions of the drivers at the AMD website. You call also check out the complete list of changes to the software at the same location.

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