Anonabox comes back from the dead, swiftly raises over $16,000 on Indiegogo

anonabox rebooted on indiegogo funds raised top 16000

Kickstarter’s decision to pull the plug on Anonabox, the alleged Tor-powered online cloaking device. and cancel all pledges to the controversial project left many Internet anonymity seekers disheartened.

Now, as promised, Anonabox has made a comeback on Indiegogo, which is known for having a more relaxed policy about the crowd-funding campaigns it hosts. To ensure that no rules will be broken this time around, and that no false claims will mislead eager supporters, the router has supposedly been updated.

Creator August Germar allegedly conceived an Anonabox “generation 5” with a custom-made circuit board.

Germar says that the Anonabox adopts the latest version of Tor,  which aims to safeguard your privacy, while the device runs on a “hardened” iteration of the Linux-based OpenWrt.

Also, the new Anonabox is slightly different compared to the previous version from a design standpoint, sporting a smaller form factor. Exact dimensions aren’t listed, but the device’s outer shell looks the same, for what it’s worth.

Remember, the Anonabox isn’t designed to replace your home router, but instead works in cahoots with it to enable anonymous Web surfing. However, your connection will noticeably slow down.

Still very much a work in progress, Anonabox needs capital for costs associated with production, adding extra features resulting from criticism, and FCC certification.

Unfortunately, new allegations of inaccurate and deceitful declarations have already surfaced. As IT Security Guru reports, quoting privacy researcher Runa Sandvik, August Germar is misrepresenting his credentials and background.

We won’t go so far as to call the whole thing a scam, but you’re advised to wait for proof that the Anonabox is as secure as advertised before pledging a single penny.

The debate on Anonabox is far from settled, but it’s back with a vengeance in the crowd-funding business, raising over $16,000 in a little over two days on Indiegogo. The goal was initially set at $13,370.

$51 buys you an Anonabox. Delivery is currently estimated for February 2015.