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Adrian Diaconescu

Adrian Diaconescu

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Adrian is a mobile aficionado since the days of the Nokia 3310, and a PC enthusiast since Windows 98. Later, he discovered that writing about the gear he's so enamored with was pretty much his only semi-marketable skill. A small blog came into being, then freelance gig after freelance gig in the tech-centric wide web. The rest, as they say, is history, and history can only be written from an Eastern European basement.

amds next graphics chip architecture could be called polaris amd

AMD’s CTO says Chromebooks aren’t a good fit for its chips

Before speculation can even spark up, an AMD executive has adamantly denied its company is interested in diving into the Chromebook sea.
Intel NUC Core i5 NUCi5RYK mini PC review front

Intel’s best NUC is right around the corner, with Core i7 Broadwell power and Iris 6100 graphics

We already knew Intel would fit a Core i7 processor into the NUC, but it turns out the company plans to cram Iris 6100 graphics in, too.
this boxx workstation packs 36 core xeon power five gpus boxxthumb

Workstations don’t come more ‘professional’ than the 36-core Boxx Apexx 5

With up to 36 cores of Intel Xeon processing power, and room for five top-shelf Nvidia Quadro GPUs, the Boxx Apexx 5 is one of the quickest workstations.
shuttle intros fanless broadwell based diy themed slim pc shuttlepcthumb

The Shuttle DS57U isn’t the smallest ‘slim PC’ in the world, but it’s fanless

It's (relatively) small, fanless, powered by Intel Broadwell, and targets DIY enthusiasts. It's Shuttle's newest slim PC.
nvidias false gtx 970 advertising leads to class action suit

Nvidia’s GTX 970 memory woes lead to class action lawsuit

Arguing the capabilities of the controversial GTX 970 video card were misrepresented, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Nvidia.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 front full

Suffering from video woes on an old MacBook Pro? Apple comes to rescue, free of charge

Apple is offering free repairs for 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros manufactured between 2011 and 2013 with various video defects or random reboots.
Origin EON13 S nvidia logos

Updated: Nvidia deactivates GeForce 900M laptop overclocking, then recants

In a mind-boggling move, Nvidia has just shut the door on GeForce GTX 900M series GPU overclocking. Here's why.
Windows 10 Action Center

Microsoft irons out Windows 10 kinks, setting the stage for new Tech Preview build

Microsoft is taking care of a few small but nasty bugs with hotfixes in preparation for the new preview build of Windows 10, which is coming soon.
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Got an old Surface RT? Microsoft will give you a massive discount on a new Pro 3

Owners of old Surface tablets from all generations should be happy to hear Microsoft now lets them easily trade up to a brand-new Pro 3.
intel skylake processors tipped to debut in august not june logo 6 650x0

Sixth-generation Intel Skylake processors tipped to debut in August, not June

There's no movement expected on the Intel processor upgrade front until August, new reports claim, when Skylake should see daylight at IDF.
panasonics toughbook 54 smallest semi rugged notebook yet panasonic

Panasonic’s Toughbook 54 is the smallest semi-rugged notebook yet

Panasonic's newest Toughbook is robust yet slim, and can knock your socks off with up to 18-hour battery life while packing Intel Broadwell power.
intel reportedly cooks up quartet of 18 core xeon e7 cpus silicon

Intel’s new quartet of 18-core Xeon E7 chips offer different flavors of fast

Rumor has it Intel is looking to further strengthen its server-destined Xeon chip portfolio with a slew of Haswell-based models, including 18-core beasts.
dell unveils chromebook 11 latitude laptop and venue tablets at school

Dell’s new Chromebook, Latitude laptop and Venue tablets are made to last

Dell has a new portfolio of education-centric machines to showcase, the most intriguing is a new, rugged Chromebook 11 and its Windows counterpart.
Intel Core M CPU

Get ready to welcome Intel’s slimmer, faster Core M chips in the second half of 2015

Intel is prepping a Core M processor upgrade based on the next-gen Skylake micro architecture. Slim designs and energy efficiency remain the primary goals.
microsoft plugs numerous internet explorer security holes image

Microsoft quashes various critical Internet Explorer bugs, leaves a big one standing

Microsoft's February Patch Tuesday sees a bundle of Internet Explorer security flaws erased, but not the one that recently made headlines.
secure your google account and get 2 gb of drive storage tablet phone

Two gigabytes of free Google Drive storage is only a security checkup away

For a limited time only, Google grants its Drive users a free 2GB plan upgrade after a simple, quick and hassle-free security checkup.
Asus ROG G751JY DH71 review

VESA makes 8K laptops and tablets possible with eDP 1.4a standard

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has published the eDP version 1.4a specifications, and 8K laptop support headlines the "changelog".
LG 22CV241 Chromebase review macro Chrome logo

Google fights Chromebook thieves with Chrome OS remote disable function

Chromebook Enterprise and Education users can now lock their computers remotely in case of theft or misplacement as long as they run Chrome OS version 40+.
amd radeon 300 series gpus are almost done r9 290x feature

Look out, Nvidia, AMD Radeon 300 Series GPUs Are (Almost) Ready to Rumble

After more than a year of R&D work, AMD confirms a high-end Radeon R9 290X follow-up is coming soon, as part of the "exciting" 300 series of GPUs.
A depiction of a hacker behind a screen of code.

A new day, a new hack attack, with health giant Anthem the latest cyber-victim

Health insurance provider Anthem is the latest high-profile victim of a major cyber-security breach. Find out all the details here.
microsoft browser loss internet explorer

Internet Explorer users, be warned, a critical XSS bug is lurking in the shadows

Yet another security vulnerability threatens to wreak havoc in Internet Explorer, granting complete remote manipulation of a Windows user's web traffic.
skylake motherboards from msi biostar asrock said to be coming in august x99motherboard

Need more PCIe bandwidth for your crazy gaming rig? Intel’s Skylake chipsets may help

Leaked slides show that Intel's Skylake chipsets will support the PCI Express 3.0 standard and up to ten USB 3.0 ports when they arrive later this year.
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

A $35 computer can run Windows 10? Latest Raspberry Pi is a powerhouse

To everyone's surprise, an all-new Raspberry Pi has been launched at the same $35 price point with far superior hardware and software support.
Toshiba Chromebook 2 keyboard corner

Tired of using a password to unlock your Chromebook? Try your Android instead!

Smart Lock has made its way through Google's various Chrome OS channels and is now available for all Chromebook users who also own Android 5.0 devices.
libreoffice inches closer to ms office with 4 update keyboard typing

LibreOffice inches closer to Office’s functionality with 4.4 update

LibreOffice, already one of the best open source Microsoft Office alternatives, was made better today, via an update to version 4.4.
microsoft headquarters

Microsoft’s Sway grows friendlier to external content sources with embeds and more

Sway, a presentation web app very similar to PowerPoint, has been updated by Microsoft to support embeds from various third-party content sources.
nvidia will help gtx 970 refunds roll out driver update gefoce 3qtr

Nvidia vows to assist GTX 970 refunds, roll out performance-improving driver update

After acknowledging the 4GB GeForce GTX 970 GPU is essentially limited to using 3.5GB of VRAM at full speed, Nvidia has promised refunds and driver updates.
microsoft loops adobe spartan web browser project spartanbrowser

Spartan browser may be minimalist, but you’ll still be able to use extensions

Extension support is now a guarantee for a "future update" of Project Spartan, Microsoft's primary Windows 10 browser.
Dell Precision M3800

Dell pokes Apple’s Retina with a 4K MacBook Pro competitor for less cash

4K resolution and Thunderbolt 2.0 lead the impressive list of Precision M3800 upgrades, making Dell claim the workstation is superior to MacBook Pros.
dont look now but intel unveiled the first ever core i7 nuc mini computer 3

Intel beefs up NUC roster by loosing details of Core i7 variant

Intel has done it, putting an uber-fast Core i7 Broadwell processor on a teeny tiny NUC mini-PC. This is due out in Q2.
Apple's OS X Yosemite Mac operating system, with the desktop and several icons visible.

Not a moment too soon, Apple gears up to quash Wi-Fi bugs in OS X Yosemite

The end to everyone's OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi woes should be nigh, with a 10.10.2 update reportedly ready to move out of beta.
ultimately flexible hp spectre x360 breaks cover hpmagnify

HP Spectre 13 x360 breaks cover online, mates flexible hinge with 5th-gen Intel processors

HP has an impressive 13.3-inch convertible laptop in the pipeline, it seems, with Intel Broadwell inside and a 2,560 x 1,440 pix resolution touchscreen.
meet the worlds first pc on a mouse box computer

You’ve seen PCs-on-a-stick, now it’s time for a PC-on-a-mouse

Ever dreamed of owning a device that blends a mouse and full-featured desktop PC into one? The Mouse Box does just that.
office 2016 and for windows 10 coming later this year excel ui 900x530

Office 2016 and universal Office apps on schedule for general availability ‘later this year’

Office 2016 for PCs and Office universal apps for Windows 10 are rolling out in the second half of 2015, according to official Microsoft statements.