Origin’s Omega is the best living room PC you can’t buy yet

Origin has something up its sleeve, and it’s called the Omega. All we know is that it’s meant for living room use, and it’s both powerful and customizable. The Miami-based custom PC manufacturer claims this Omega that’s not yet ready for primetime is the world’s most powerful and customizable living room PC.

Quite a bold claim, but mind you, this is the company that just literally squeezed a top-tier desktop into a laptop chassis, so clearly, the sky is the limit in terms of how far Origin can push the limits of PC performance.

Based on the handful of pics showcasing what we assume is an Omega prototype, “living room use” doesn’t entail bulk, a substantial footprint, or overly flamboyant design. The complete absence of visual ostentation is what could make this low-key thing stand out, sending a strong, classic home theater vibe.

There’s no word on exact dimensions, weight, or other details regarding the hardware and software. Origin says the Omega supports 4K gaming, the “highest-end” Nvidia graphics cards, and offers “dual boot capabilities with multiple operating systems.”

Wait a minute, what multiple OSes? Windows 8.1 is a given, no question about it, and since the gaming rig is only coming later in 2015, a swift upgrade to Win 10 feels like a safe bet. But that doesn’t solve the multi-platform equation. And chances are Origin isn’t merely hinting at additional Ubuntu support.

Instead, the Omega could help get SteamOS off the ground at last. A year or so late, but who knows, maybe the Steam Machines we never managed to wrap our heads around can serve a purpose in the end. It all depends on whether Origin’s Omega will indeed work as a Steam-powered home console, and of course, pricing, which is a big question mark right now.