Apple Exchanging MacBook Pro Batteries

Citing performance rather than safety issues, Apple Computer has introduced a free worldwide “exchange” program for some batteries sold with its Intel-based MacBook Pro line of portable computers.

Batteries eligible for the program were sold with MacBook Pro systems from February to May, 2006, and have the model number A1175 and a 12-digit serial number which ends with U7SA, U7SB or U7SC. Battery model and serial numbers are on the bottom of the battery: you have to remove it from the MacBook Pro in order to see them. (Be sure your computer is shut down or at least plugged into its power adapter before removing the battery!)

Apple will replace eligible batteries free of charge. According to the company, this recall is based solely on performance concerns, and there are no safely issues with the batteries eligible for exchange: customers may continue to use their current batteries until replacements arrive. The exchange program follows a few months of reports that some batteries shipped with MacBook Pro systems have failed, shut off without warning, or report incorrect status information to the computer.

Customers can exchange up to three batteries by filling out an online form, individuals or organizations with more than three batteries to exchange need to call Apple to make arrangements. Apple says it will have localized versions of the exchange program form online by August 4, 2006.