MacBook display peeling away? Apple might fix it for you for free

apple extends program to replace faulty macbook displays retina delamination

Apple devices have had their fair share of problems lately, with the 2016 MacBook Pro eliciting a few complaints of its own. The company isn’t alone, of course — computer problems are a constant theme among users and those who support them.

Apple does, though, have a well-earned reputation for fixing problems that crop up with its machines and its customer service is arguably one of the most important reasons why it remains a dominant technology company. Its recent decision to extend a program to fix problems with 12-inch Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro displays is a demonstration of why Apple’s reputation is so strong, MacRumors reports.

The specific problem involves the anti-glare coating on the displays of certain MacBook and MacBook Pro machines. Apparently, numerous customer machines have seen the coating wear away or delaminate, sometimes with spectacularly bad results. The problem is so widespread that a related Facebook group boasts over 9,000 members and anyone who wants to see what the issue looks like can visit a website hosting an extensive gallery.

Apple isn’t publicizing this particular program and MacRumors had to go straight to Apple to confirm that the program is still underway. Affected machines go all the way back to those purchased in June 2012 and Apple will replace screens through October 16, 2017, or for three years after purchase, whichever is longer.

Apple is replacing the screens at no cost on machines suffering from the problem. To get your machine evaluated, you will need to contact Apple support or, better yet, set up an appointment with the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store or other authorized Apple repair center. Apple may not be going out of its way to let you know that your machine might be covered by the program, but they’re apparently more than willing to take care of you once you take that initial step.