Apple updates Keynote, Numbers, and Pages for OS X and iOS

apple updates keynote numbers and pages for os x ios screen

Apple released updates for its iWork apps, adding new features to the iOS and OS X versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. While the new offerings vary from app to app, all six versions — Pages on OS X and iOS, Numbers on OS X and iOS, Keynote on OS X and iOS — now have a “view only” mode for sharing projects while preventing those you shared with from editing those documents. Beyond that, the features and fixes vary from app to app.

Here’s a rundown of all the changes:

  • Numbers 3.2 for OS X now allows users to search spreadsheets by name, and offers improved CSV support as well as improvements with printing and print setup.
  • Numbers 2.2 on iOS is by far the smallest update, and adds a progress indicator for calculations, plus the same improved CSV support and search capabilities as the OS X version.
  • Pages 5.2 for OS X adds the ability to copy, delete and reorganize sections via the page navigator, media browser search, as well as instant alpha image editing. The update also adds a set miscellaneous improvements, including AppleScript support, EndNote support, and more.
  • Pages 2.2 on iOS improves on the app’s usability much like Numbers, and offers new search functions, import, export placement, and more.
  • Keynote 6.2 for OS X seems like the most substantial upgrade. The update adds animated GIF Support, improved presenter display layouts and labels, more transitions, more builds, motion blur for animation, and the ability to pick the start and end points for movies. Keynote is also getting some of the same technical upgrades as Pages, namely improved alpha image editing, media browser search and improved AppleScript support.
  • Keynote 2.2 on iOS gets more build animations and transitions and the ability to export to PPTX, which is PowerPoint’s file format, the ability to share password-guarded presentations through iCloud link, and much more.

What do you think of the changes that Apple made to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote? Sound off in the comments below.