With the Asus ROG Gladius gaming mouse, you’ll cut through deathmatches like a buzzsaw

asus rog gladius gaming mouse pc switches dpi

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, gaming PC and peripheral makers are offering an increasing wealth of new options for those that live and breathe for computer games.

The newest addition to this growing roster, the Republic of Gamers Gladius, is a gaming-centric mouse from Asus. Known for making PCs, Asus isn’t exactly the biggest name in the desk-bound rodent business.

The design approach Asus takes here is refreshing in its simplicity. The Gladius looks unremarkable at a first glance, if not bland.

Yet, it’s very light, weighing in at a little over four ounces, and built with comfort in mind to help you excel through marathon gaming sessions. Hand cramps? Forget about them. Sweat? Not a problem. Grip? This mouse has it all covered, thanks to comfy tactile rubber side panels, and a steel grey finish with a sweat-resistant coating.

It’s all about comfort here, and with the Gladius, hardcore first-person shooter players can customize the mouse’s settings to their liking. Instant DPI shifting between two sensitivity levels is present, and you can replace the switches as well.

It sounds crazy, but if the pre-installed Omron switches don’t feel right, or start to wear off, an additional two Japanese-made switches can enter the equation and become your weapons of choice. Mind you, the standard Omron clickers should last for “at least 20 million clicks.” Two extra Omron switches are included with the Gladius.

Another standout feature is the Gladius’ built-in flash memory, which allows you to set, save, and swap between different profiles with little to no effort.

Also, Asus provides you with both a two meter braided USB cable, and a regular one meter USB travel cord. That’s perfect for desktop and on-the-go use. However, the absence of a wireless model is a small flaw.

Endowed with a 6,400 DPI optical sensor, the Asus Republic of Gamers Gladius is precise, customizable, and durable enough to help you dominate in FPS shoot-outs.

Officially priced at $70, the Gladius is bizarrely listed for $81 on Newegg. Asus recommends the retailer on its website, and even weirder is the fact that Newegg seems to have run out of stock already. We also looked for the Gladius on Amazon, but it’s not listed there yet.

Hopefully, it’ll be back at Newegg soon, and available at Asus’ official rate.