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Asus crams every feature possible into its new curved gaming monitor

asus rog pg348q available asusrogpg348q
As monitor resolution and refresh rates swell, manufacturers are always looking for an edge that sets its own products above the rest. One of the display styles that’s grown from that is the 21:9 ultrawide, and now Asus is bundling Nvidia’s G-Sync into that form factor, too.

The 34-inch PG348Q joins Asus’ already extensive Republic of Gamers line, in the Swift series of high-end, gaming-oriented displays. Its curved display packs in 3,440 x 1,440 resolution, which is sure to impress gamers while demanding top performance from their rigs.

Its flashy gaming heritage also means flashy, over-the-top style. The multi-metal color scheme with copper and titanium was introduced on the G752 gaming laptop, and this one even packs a downward-facing LED into the base for extra effects and ambiance. For connectivity, the screen packs in a four port USB hub, plus DisplayPort and HDMI for video.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even the beefiest systems will struggle to push the PG348Q at its full 100Hz refresh rate, but tearing is going to be particularly noticeable on the extravagantly sized display. To combat that, Nvidia’s G-Sync keeps the screen and GPU locked in terms of framerate, preventing tearing while reducing input lag, without the follies of traditional V-sync. It’s compatible with Nvidia cards from the GTX 650 Ti Boost and up, as long as it’s over DisplayPort.

If you haven’t checked out a curved ultra-wide monitor yet, we highly recommend that you do. These displays are the height of immersion, and despite their high price tag, every one that passes our test bench does so to rave reviews.

While the Asus ROG Swift PG348Q isn’t yet available at all major retailers, some of Asus’ brand partners have already begun selling the display as an add-on. System builder iBuyPower is currently offering the display as a $1,200 add-on, so it’s fair to say the screen will likely fall high in the $1,000 range as a standalone unit.

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