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AT&T adds international data plans for laptops

If you’re a frequent overseas traveler who has grown weary of tracking down cyber cafés or spotty Wi-Fi signals in the hotel, AT&T is offering a solution.  The company has announced new international data plans geared towards vacationers and international business-types alike. The AT&T DataConnect Pass Global data packages won’t require any contracts and will run off a pay-as-you go pricing structure. The plans require an AT&T-certified notebook or netbook. Coverage is planned for more than 100 hundred countries throughout the Asian, European, and American continents.

The available plans include 20MB for $24.99, 50MB for $59.99, 100MB for $119.99 and 200MB for $199.99. While the rates seem a bit pricey, they’re still cheaper than paying standard international roaming fees.

If travelers have their departure dates already sorted out, they can schedule the service to begin on a specific day upon purchase. Users can also opt to be alerted that they are approaching their data limits via text message or e-mail.

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