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AT&T is the second-largest carrier in the U.S., on top of being a large player in the overall home internet and media business. AT&T has perhaps the strongest “legacy” customer base, as it’s been around in a dominant position for far longer than T-Mobile and has arguably not adapted to new business strategies in the same way Verizon has.

DirecTV Stream app icon on Apple TV.

DirecTV Stream raises pricing across all its tiers

DirecTV Stream already was one of the more expensive live streaming services — and it just got even more pricey.
DirecTV Stream app icon on Apple TV.

What is DirecTV Stream: plans, pricing, channels, and more

5G logo on the Motorola Edge (2022).

The best prepaid cell phone plans in 2023: the 7 best ones

The home screen on the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

The best phone plans for one person in 2023: our 6 favorites

T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile still has the fastest 5G, but its rivals are catching up

OnePlus Nord N300 5G speed test.

T-Mobile’s huge lead in 5G speeds isn’t going anywhere

Cell phone tower shooting off pink beams with a 5G logo next to it.

The 5G speed race is over and T-Mobile has won

Woman holding up smartphone with speed test results on Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network.

T-Mobile’s 5G is still unmatched — but have speeds plateaued?

Man using an S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

How to unlock a Samsung phone on any carrier

best streaming TV service

The best live TV streaming services: Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and more

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the display turned on.

The best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals from every carrier

T-Mobile smartphone.

Here’s another big reason why T-Mobile 5G dominates AT&T and Verizon

The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile is leaving AT&T and Verizon in the 5G dust

Ookla's latest market research report shows that T-Mobile is pulling even farther ahead in the 5G race.
Aircraft among clouds descending for a landing.

Is 5G dangerous for airplanes? Here’s what pilots and the FAA say

After months of wrangling with the aviation industry, AT&T and Verizon rolled out their C-Band 5G spectrum this year, but have they taken enough precautions?
Scenes from a Florida hurricane.

Here’s what AT&T is doing to keep your phone working during Hurricane Ian

AT&T says it has emergency teams on standby to assist with Hurricane Ian relief efforts and is also keeping the networking gear ready when it makes an impact.
Cell tower FM radio

The best 5G phone plans in 2022

All three of the major carriers now offer 5G connectivity as part of their plans, helping make those plans better than ever. But which plan is best for you?
Back of the OnePlus 10T.

OnePlus 10T pre-orders go live in the U.S., and with a big 5G fix

The OnePlus 10T is finally making its North American debut, but now it's an even better device than ever before thanks to its newfound 5G network connections.
AT&T SatCOLT which is a mobile 5G tower platform.

AT&T just made its FirstNet plans a lot more helpful for first responders

AT&T's FirstNet service for first responders has typically been faced with complicated billing. Now, that's changing.
Blue panels showing 5G logo at CES booth.

When did 5G come out? The long, complicated history of its release

Although 2022 will be heralded as the year 5G went mainstream, we’ve traveled a long and winding road to get here.
T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile’s 5G Ultra Capacity network has four times the coverage of Verizon and AT&T

A new Opensignal report has analyzed the user experience of premium 5G networks for the first time, showing the difference between 5G service levels.
The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile’s 5G and 4G LTE networks are nearly twice as fast as Verizon and AT&T

Ookla's latest market report reveals T-Mobile still has a commanding lead over Verizon and AT&T for the fastest and most consistent speeds throughout the U.S.
T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile’s 5G network just beat Verizon and AT&T (again)

T-Mobile has just defeated Verizon and AT&T as the best 5G mobile network for the second year in a row.
Hold holding three phones from three different carriers.

The sordid history of 5GE, or when 5G isn’t 5G at all

In the quest to deliver true 5G technology, carriers have tried every angle to promote 5G, but there's at least one case in which 5G isn't truly 5G.
Jesse Faden holding her gun and using her powers in Control promo art.

Control is free to play if you have an AT&T plan

AT&T is letting customers stream Control: Ultimate Edition on the cloud for free.
Hold holding three phones from three different carriers.

Back to where it started: Testing 5G in the Chicagoland area

I tested 5G in Chicago, the city where the first 5G networks rolled out in the United States. The results were quite good.
5G radio tower.

What is low-band 5G? Sub-6 explained

To deliver what 5G is capable of carriers have to work with a broad range of spectrum, but it was in the lowest part of the sub-6GHz range where 5G began.
Looking through foliage at a 5G tower against a blue sky.

What is C-Band? Mid-range 5G explained

5G services are more complicated than prior cellular technologies, so what do terms like 'midband,' 'C-band,' 'mmWave,' and 'sub-6GHz' mean?
Qualcomm 5G at CES 2019

5G coverage map: Where you can get 5G on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

5G may not be widely available just yet, but it's getting there. Here's where you can find 5G in the U.S.
A man using the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 portable power station to power his tools while working outside.

Save big on the new Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 power station

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 might be the ultimate portable power station. It's now up for sale, and for a limited time, you can score it for a big discount.
Side view of an AT&T disaster recovery truck.

In a disaster, AT&T goes to extremes to get you back online

AT&T has a holistic approach to disaster recovery that ensures it's ready to respond to emergencies at a moment's notice.
best mobile plans and cell phones for seniors

The best mobile plans and smartphones for seniors

If you're a grandparent who wants to stay in touch with loved ones, picking the right phone can be tough. Here are the best cell phones and plans for seniors.
Google Pixel phone held by a Stadia controller grip.

Google Stream is what Stadia should have been from the start

Google is reportedly starting to white-label Google Stadia under the Google Stream moniker, and that's probably for the best.
Cellular radio towers on roof of building against sky with clouds.

Ookla speed tests show 5G C-band is already changing the game

New data from Ookla is giving us a good look as to exactly why Verizon and AT&T were in such a hurry to roll out their new C-band 5G spectrum.
AT&T Storefront with logo.

AT&T becomes ‘un-ISP’ of fiber internet with Hypergig plans

AT&T's new Hypergig broadband plans brings fiber speeds up to 5Gbps to homes and businesses with pricing transparency.

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