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The Most Powerful MacBook Pro is now $800 off at Best Buy

MacBook Pro 15
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Apple may have lost the operating system war to Windows, but the sleek and reliable Mac computer had (and still has) enough of a fan following that it was never knocked out of the game. In fact, the Mac name is going strong to this day, with millions of people all around the world who still won’t touch a Windows PC with a ten-foot pole. The best MacBook line is especially popular given that the best laptops have all but taken over the computer market, and two top of the line MacBook Pro models are on sale right now from Best Buy for $800 off.

Apple has always offered some of the sleekest, best-looking, and most well-made hardware out there, which is one of the reasons it retains such a dedicated following. Even outdated Macs still look pretty slick by modern standards, and as tech has only gotten smaller and more powerful, Apple’s laptops have remained among the best that money can buy (even in the face of growing competition from Windows ultrabooks like the Dell XPS).

The MacBook Pro is the cream of Apple’s laptop crop, and these discounted Pro models are the cream of the cream: With powerful Intel Core i9 six-core CPUs, a whopping 32GB of RAM, and huge 1TB solid-state drives, you’ve got plenty of juice for just about anything you’d ever need a laptop to do. And since they’re also packing AMD Radeon Pro graphics processors, you can even do some gaming on these — a capability which MacBooks typically aren’t known for.

These are full-sized laptops as well, making them viable alternatives to the 12- and 13-inch MacBooks for users who prefer a bit more screen real estate for a day’s worth of work and entertainment. The MacBook Pro 15 packs a gorgeous 15.4-inch Retina display boasting a 16:10 resolution of 2,880 x 1,800, which has always been one of the top selling points of Apple computers. This, combined with the MacBook Pro’s superb build quality, improved keyboard, surprisingly good speakers, and Touch Bar (which you can disable if you’re really not a fan), makes these laptops the top choice for the most demanding and discerning Apple fans.

Apple hardware is premium tech that carries pretty steep price tags. As the top of the MacBook line, the MacBook Pro is certainly no exception, so Macbook deals like this are always welcome: A tidy $800 savings brings the MacBook Pro 15 with AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPUMacBook Pro 15 with AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU[/cc-link] down to $3,000 from Best Buy right now. Alternatively, you can grab the AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 variant — the beefiest MacBook Pro that you can buy — for $3,350 with the same discount.

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