Bethesda announces Fallout Anthology, delivered in a mini-nuke

bethesda mini nuke fallout anthology falloutanthology

When it was announced in early 2014 that the early Fallout games were being pulled from, people wondered why, especially since they would continue to be available on Steam. Perhaps it was Bethesda’s way of building hype for the unveiling of its Anthology in 2015, since that’s exactly what it’s done. Set to contain every Fallout game ever made — apart from the one still in development — it even comes all bundled inside a faux-mini-nuke.

Announced at this year’s Quakecon in Dallas, Texas, the Fallout Anthology will contain the original game and its sequel, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 (GOTY edition), and Fallout New Vegas — the Ultimate Edition. Those latter two games will come packing all of the DLC and updates released since they originally launched.

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However, don’t expect big colorful boxes and manuals, as only disc sleeves with the DVDs for each game will be included in this set. That’s why, despite the large collection of titles and the big prop nuclear device, Bethesda can afford to sell it at just $50 for the lot.

That’s not a bad deal considering individually the games cost more than that when not on sale, and that faux nuke makes explosion sounds if you press a button. It even has a realisticly weathered paint job to show its age.

Perhaps the only sad part of this anthology is that it lacks Fallout 4, which is set for release on November 10 this year. However, knowing that this set wouldn’t be complete without it, Bethesda has made the compartment within the nuke just big enough that anyone who buys one will be able to slot in their copy of the new Fallout as well, completing the set.

With the resurgence in physical game sales fueled by the nostalgia factor as of late, does this purchase option tempt you?