Want your next PC to last a decade? It’s possible


Although upgrading is always exciting, there’s often a measure of anxiety that comes with it. Making the wrong hardware choice can have you wishing for something more powerful in a year’s time, and that can become an expensive mistake.

But buying a new PC doesn’t have to be that way. There are smart choices to be made, smart hardware to be chosen, and if all goes to plan and you are willing to shell out for a solid build from day one that gives you plenty of upgrade options, you may find yourself still using essentially the same system for the best part of a decade.

Of course, any hardware bought today is going to be slower compared to contemporary components a decade from now, and it won’t support many of the latest technologies. But that doesn’t mean it can’t stay relevant. If the recent news of the United States Navy extending its Windows XP support with Microsoft tells us anything, it’s that careful consideration can make technology last much longer than it was originally intended.

The recommendations for a PC build I make here will give you the right start, but your system will need tweaking and upgrading over the next 10 years. It won’t be exactly the same by the end. It will, however, retain the same core components and chassis, so unless you’re planning to break out the spray paint and LED light strips, it will look much the same. Every systems eventually goes out of date, but with proper planning a desktop can last much longer than most think possible.

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