Canadian ISP Ready To Name Music Swappers

“We do it on a regular basis.  It’s not very complicated,” said Serge Sasseville.  Lawyers for the Canadian Recording Industry Association argued the identities of 29 people they claim they need are considered “large scale uploaders”.  Out of 5 ISPs named in the case (Shaw Communications, Rogers Cable Communications, Bell Canada, Telus Communications and Videotron) Videotron is the sole ISP that is not fighting the request from the CRIA for the names of their customers.  The other ISPs wont hand over the information argueing they are looking out for the interests of their customers.

“We just want to make sure CRIA proves its case, not just merely allegations that something has gone on,” Jay Thomson, a lawyer for Telus, sais Thursday.

“We’re not in a position to make a determination if some activity is legal or illegal.”

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