Latest AMD Catalyst drivers put the pedal to the metal in Project CARS (and The Witcher 3, too)

There’s only one problem with new games like the Witcher 3 and Project CARS releasing with stunning visuals: they have moments that make even the heftiest of CPU/GPU combos stumble. Fortunately, even if you haven’t run into any issues, you may be able to garner a few extra frames per second in both of those games if you’re running an AMD graphics card. The company has just released a new set of Catalyst drivers which boosts performance in both titles.

The 15.5 beta drivers are just that, so it’s worth bearing that in mind that they may not be as stable as full-scale releases, but those looking to make their games a bit more playable may want to get in on this update a little early. It’s said to boost certain aspects of the Witcher 3’s performance by as much as 10 percent for single video cards from the R9 and R7 series. There’s also a new crossfire profile for multi-GPU gamers.

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Part of the reason performance in the game wasn’t quite as impressive for AMD users as for Nvidia owners is Nvidia’s HairWorks technology, which was designed to make Geralt’s ponytail that bit more realistic. To counter that moving forward, AMD also recommends that gamers using its GPUs to play the game, reduce the maximum tessellation level to 8x or 16x.

It also recommends that anyone running a crossfire setup change the settings to full screen exclusive, as that can aid stability.

Project CARS receives an even more impressive bump to its frame rates, with a reported 17 percent improvement in its performance with the new Catalyst drivers.

To download the new Catalyst 15.5 beta drivers, head to the official download page here.