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Clearwire announces $1.1 bln debt offering, Wi-Fi modem

A month ago WiMax operator Clearwire announced it was laying off 15 percent of its workforce and taking other cost-cutting measures as it looked to secure additional funding to continue building out its 4G WiMax network. Now, the company has come forward with a plan to raise additional capital: it will be offering over $1.1 billion in debt securities through a series of private transactions. The company plans to offer $500 million in debt that’ll come due in 2040 (with initial purchasers given an option to buy up to $100 million more), with another $175 million in first-priority secured notes that come due in 2015.

Sprint Nextel is Clearwire’s majority stakeholder, although Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Google, and Intel also have significant shares in the company. Clearwire has been pursuing many potential funding sources, but a debt offering is a good indication that Clearwire was not able to attract additional investors to help build out its WiMax network. Industry reports had Clearwire talking to T-Mobile about a possible investment.

A real question is how far Clearwire can get on $1.1 billion, Although the company claims its WiMax service now covers 103 million people (and it just lit up major markets like New York City and Los Angeles, which should boost revenue), some estimates place the cost of completing Clearwire’s WiMax network as high as $3 billion—and that doesn’t include the possibility of adding LTE capability to the network.

On a separate note, ClearWire has also announced its new Clear Modem with Wi-Fi, combining 4G WiMax service with integrated 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, enabling users to hook up their home networks (wirelessly) to Clearwire’s 4G WiMax service, which offers download speeds of 3 to 6 Mbps and bursts up to 10 Mbps. The modem is available now from Clear retail stores and authorized dealers for $120, or it can be leased for $7 per month. Data service plans start at $35 per month, and home service customers can add voice service (and unlimited long distance to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico) for $15 more per month.

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Sprint posts loss, but unveils $9 bln LightSquared deal
Sprint Dan Hesse

Telecommunications operator Sprint has posted a net loss of some $847 million for the second quarter of 2011—a figure which has sent some investors running for the hills as the company struggles to compete against Verizon Wireless and AT&T—and protest the planned merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. What's more, the company actually lost over 100,000 mobile subscribers tied into the company on contracts. However, Sprint's second-quarter numbers weren't all bad news: Sprint added some 1.1 million wireless subscribers during the quarter (including 674,000 prepaid subscribers) and announced a mammoth network services and spectrum hosting agreement with LightSquared that will net Sprint some $9 billion over an 11-year period—and put Sprint in the LTE 4G mobile business.

Although the company posted a quarterly loss, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse put a positive spin on the numbers, noting that they represent the best year-on-year quarterly postpaid increase in average subscriber revenue in more than seven years—meaning, Sprint is making more money on its wireless subscribers—and it was the 14th consecutive quarter that the company has posed improvements in customer care satisfactions…which may only indicate how far it had to go 14 months ago. Sprint also posted its best-ever postpaid churn rates of 1.75 percent; moreover 9 percent of postpaid customers upgraded their handsets during the second quarter.

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Clearwire Clear Spot 4G Apollo hotspot to cost $99
Clearwire Clear Spot 4G - Apollo

WiMax operator Clearwire may not be getting into the handset business, but it is still hoping to appeal to consumers with mobile hotspots, announcing today the new Clear Spot 4G - Apollo will be available in late July. The hotspot will enable up to eight Wi-Fi devices—notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, tablets, cameras, game devices, you name it—to share a 4G WiMax mobile broadband connection. The Clear Spot 4G - Apollo will be priced at $99, while WiMax service plans start at $35 per month.

"With our new Clear Spot 4G - Apollo, surfing, streaming, gaming and entertaining are all possible this summer in over 70 markets coast to coast," said Clearwire senior VP of marketing and products Dow Draper, in a statement. "This device is the ultimate Internet surfing machine and offers today's mobile user, and the millions of Wi-Fi products in use across the country, even greater access to Clear's super-fast and affordable 4G Internet service."

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AT&T announces 4G USB modem for free under contract

Completely free under contract, the USBConnect Force 4G modem connects to your home computer via a USB port and provides 4G download speeds from AT&T. Without contract, the device retails for $89.99. Customers get access to 5GB of data per month at a $50 cost under the two-year contract agreement. Any overage of the 5GB results in an extra $10 a month for each gigabyte used. Without the agreement, prepaid options include a day of access (100MB) for $15, seven days of access (300MB) for $30 or 30 days of access (1GB) for $50. Access runs out when the customer reaches either the data or time limit. Other fees include a $36 activation fee and a contract cancellation fee up to $325.
Beyond 4G speeds, the modem also has a microSD memory card slot for expanded memory up to 32GB. The modem also provides free access to all 24,000 AT&T Hot Spots. The device accesses AT&T's HSPA/HSPA+ network for 4G speeds as well as the EDGE/GPRS for slower speeds when needed. The 4G USB modem will be available on July 17th in AT&T stores across the globe.
The USBConnect Force 4G modem enters a competitive market of mobile internet service. For instance, Sprint offers unlimited 4G access with the purchase of the U600 USB 3G/4G modem. The cost of that plan is $59.99 and there is a 5GB data cap on 3G service per month. Verizon Wireless offers the 4G LTE USB Modem 551L for an under-contract price of  $19.99. The two data plans offer 5GB of data for $50 a month or 10GB of data for $80 a month. There's an additional $10 per GB charge for overage each month, but it offers free access to Verizon's Wi-Fi hotspots. Check out our complete guide for 4G service for more information.

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